Saturday, October 31, 2009

And to All, A Good Night - Going on Hiatus

This year has been rocky with this blog as it has been for this part of my practice.  With the current economy, it seems unlikely to grow and I need the time I would need to spend on this blog and this practice area in other areas which can keep the bills paid. Even that might be too optimistic at this time.  In the past month alone I have been dealing with flu, an eight year old with a broken leg and training a new secretary and all that in addition to the usual tasks of running an office.  Overwork and too little rest now have me fighting off bronchitis and the future is not so bright that I need to wear shades.  One client has already left me - even though I am still waiting for that court costs check they said they mailed - because of the delays here.  With all this in mind, I am taking a hiatus on this blog until the first of next year. 

I am also closing out comments.  Sorry but I am trying to conserve as much time as energy as possible.  At this point, it is a matter of survival.