Tuesday, October 27, 2009

News on Social Media in the Workplace

From The Tennessean comes Businesses crack down on workers using social network sites

Workplace restrictions on the digital world are forcing employees to give their fingers a rest, even though we've become a society that can't get enough of social networking sites and other online diversions.

Among U.S. companies, 54 percent completely prohibit workers from visiting social networking sites for any reason while at work, according to a report last week from Robert Half Technology.

Nearly one-fifth permit social networking for business purposes only, and 16 percent allow limited personal use.

In the future, more companies will move to block access to social media and monitor what their employees do online, although not completely ban Internet use, said Nancy Flynn, founder and executive director of the ePolicy Institute, which advises employers on how to limit cyber risks.

She doesn't recommend that companies ban all personal Web use or prohibit texting on personal cell phones.

"What I do recommend is that employers put clear rules into place as to how much time you're allowed for personal electronic communication and the times of day to engage in personal use, whether that's the lunch hour or during breaks or for an hour a day," Flynn said.
I emphasized that paragraph.  Clear rules help on several levels.  Take a good look at what your employees do and your business's needs.

About the business' needs, take a look at Breaking: Twitter costs British economy less than people who gaze out the window.