Saturday, January 23, 2010

More On Limited Liability Companies' Fiduciary Duty

Now that we have an Indiana Court of Appeals decision describing the fiduciary duty of an LLC to its members, I almost thought to scratch this post. However, Chicago Business Litigation Lawyer Blog's Respected Law Professor's Insights on Corporate Freeze-Out Litigation may still have some benefit to you.

"In Fairness and Good Faith as a Precept in the Law of Corporations and Other Business Organizations, 36 Loy.U.Chi. L.J. 551 (2005), Murdock addresses the fiduciary duty of good faith and fairness that controlling interests of a business owe to minority interests. Noting that this internal duty is a fairly recent legal phenomenon, he surveys caselaw on the subject from around the country that applies to closely held corporations, public corporations and LLCs. Noting that the Uniform Limited Liability Company Act (ULLCA), a model law adopted by several states, doesn't include language that gives members of an LLC fiduciary duties to one another, he praises Illinois for modifying that language to protect members in the updated Limited Liability Company Act."