Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tweeting? Facebook? Be Careful What You Say and Do

Twitter may not seem related to business. Think again, what I am seeing as marketing advice is to join Twitter (I have and you can follow me, if you like).

Therefore, in the hope of preventing litigation, let me suggest reading To Avoid Libel Litigation, Lawyer Advises, Don’t Tank Up and Tweet

Following recent news that a woman is being sued by an Illinois landlord over a tweet she posted on Twitter about her apartment, a California lawyer is offering 10 suggestions to help other users of the popular micro-blog avoid being a defendant in defamation litigation.

At least some of the 10 tips offered by attorney Adrianos Fachetti in a TwiTip post may seem like common sense. For example, tanking up on alcohol and posting a tweet is not a good idea.

However, for those who don't pay sufficient attention to this issue and other potential litigation pitfalls, a horrible fate may await, the lawyer writes—losing the privilege of posting on Twitter
Remember that other social media sites exist to worry the business owner. See Social media permeate the employment life cycle for a whole range of pitfalls for the business owner.