Friday, May 4, 2007

Child support issues for Indiana employers and employees

Child support affects employers whenever they get an Order from a court for deducting child support from an employee's pay. Distinguishing between an Income Withholding Order and a Wage Assignment does matter much for the discussion here. Regardless of how the court's Order comes to the employer, the point is that it is an order of the court for the employer to take money from the employee's wages.

The employer faces the possibility of being hauled into court for violating the court's Order if the employer does not take the money from the employee's wages . That is called contempt of court. The court may penalize the employer by ordering the employer to paying the amount not deducted from the employee's pay. So do not think about not following the court's Order.

Also, employees fear that they will lose their job when the employer gets an Order deducting child support. Some employers may even think they can fire an employee rather than deduct the child support. Indiana law imposes a penalty upon any employer who does fire an employer for having to process a child support order.