Thursday, November 15, 2007

Surveying franchise success | Branding & Franchising | QSR Web

Franchisors will find more of interest Surveying franchise success from QSR Web.

"In an effort to maximize the number of successful partnerships they enter, franchisors have turned to a variety of profiling tools that purport to predict a successful match."
Some points for and against using profiling techniques in finding prospective franchisees. Using the term profiling may raise some hackles but the worst thing that a franchise system can do is bring in a franchisee who does not really fit. The franchise's long term health ought to come first with franchisors. Sometimes it does not because the franchisor's long term goal may be to build a cash cow and unload. In other instances, the franchisor just gets in too much of a hurry to notice franchisee deficits.

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