Saturday, December 1, 2007

An Interesting Business Law Related Blog

I ran across on November 27. Do not be put off by it being written by law professors. Anyone alluding to Chumbawamba possesses a good sense of humor which translates into a writing that is anything but pedantic. The following example comes from Real Online Competition: The Right to Exit (and I suggest reading all of the post):

I can just imagine the howls of protest–”Lock-in is the whole Web 2.0 business model! Give ‘em stuff for free, use their UGC, and monetize the eyeballs!” But my hope is that (user sunk costs + lock-in) becomes a much less compelling business model over the coming decade. Although optimism on “innovation markets” has largely anesthetized antitrust authorities looking at these situations, we should reconsider whether encouraging big players to compete to capture a market produces more gains and innovation than rules that reduce the cost of exit from dominant players.
I am aware of the Web 2.0 business model but have not studied it in any depth. Yet, I can see the writer's point quite clearly. One that is well worth thinking about for businesses, for consumers and for their lawyers.