Thursday, December 27, 2007

Updating "I like Kitchen Nightmares"

I saw No LA Kitchen Nightmares for Gordon Ramsay in the Telegraph (UK) and I remembered that I had not followed up on my article, I like Kitchen Nightmares. I want to make something clear that I think the earlier article muddled: I wrote about the Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America. I had not seen the American version till after I wrote my article. I have seen one episode of the American version and it angered me. My first reaction was in language Mr. Ramsay would know: it is crap. The hyped up, confrontational style has everything I hate about "reality" television. Which makes me think someone thought that Americans were too dim to follow the English format. That thought angers me deeply.

Restaurants are a business. Some restaurants become big businesses (take a look at the Telegraph article to get a taste of the money involved or go look at the closest McDonald's store). Most everyone thinks they can run one. If you think you can, take in as much of the BBC Kitchen Nightmares as possible.