Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Business Law Blog to Keep an Eye on: BizzBangBuzz

Here is my criterion for praise: when I see something that I know is better done than what I have done. I have tried to post article that I think that are helpful to my business clients and I have tried to write law articles accessible to the general public as well as other lawyers. BizzBangBuzz blog from Anthony Cerminaro.

One post that caught my attention or caught my mood today was Overcoming Resistance to Change:

Want to start a business or make some other personal change? Something holding you back?

Perhaps you will recognize yourself in this list from How to Save the World. It is a top ten list of obstacles to making changes and ideas for how to overcome them:

"1. Procrastination. Fight it like the addiction it is. Separate the urgent from the Important. Have a list of the Important things and keep it in front of you. Break the Important things into manageable steps. Do one 'next step' towards your Important things every day. Learn to say 'no' to things that aren't as important. Don't try to do too many Important things at once. Don't wait for a crisis, or until it's too late. Don't beat yourself up about it, but don't deny it either.
Give him a look.