Friday, July 25, 2008

Needing an Elder Law Attorney? has a good article on why and how to choose an elder law attorney in Do I Need an Elder Law Attorney?:

For now, let's push aside popular conceptions of lawyers and face the fact that lawyers serve a very important role in our society. An elder law attorney can be invaluable in helping ensure that your loved one is cared for in the best possible way, and that her best interests are considered when it comes to sticky and complicated issues involving the law. Sometimes the best person to have on your side is an attorney with expertise in your area of need, not to mention a full understanding of your situation. Although the services of an attorney are not always necessary, you're well advised to seek a consultation if you're uncomfortable with any aspect of your decision-making.

An elder law attorney may be helpful or necessary:

* When doing long term planning such as estate planning or creating trusts
* If you feel there has been a violation of your rights, but you are somewhat uncertain
* When reviewing official documents or contracts
* In an emergency, when you feel as if you need to make quick decisions
* If you or a loved one has been denied benefits by Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security
* When drafting wills, advance directives, power of attorney or other legal documents
* If you feel your elder has been abused in any way
* For the oversight or administration of wills, estates or benefits
* In the dispute of insurance claims or settlements