Friday, July 25, 2008

Online Resource for Employment Law: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Brief Bank Index

Yes, the EEOC's Brief Bank is online here. I should say sort of online. What you will get is a download of the entire index (you cna choose Word, RTC or Wordperfect formats). For me, that limits its usefulness.

Memoryhole maintains the page and this is the site's description:

>>> In 1998, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) updated a unique and useful guide to some important aspects of employment discrimination law. This guide is the index to the EEOC's legal brief bank, a collection of legal filings and court documents concerning a wide range of employment issues.

The brief bank index, developed with public tax dollars, provides an overview of the complex issues arising when employees and companies become involved in possible discriminatory behavior, and the damages caused by employment discrimination. It also outlines areas that may not be protected under federal employment law. The index contains a list of subject areas as well as the designation numbers of legal documents and briefs covering that subject. Overall, the document demonstrates the wide scope of valuable work being done at the Commission.