Sunday, August 24, 2008

Online Resource for Workers Compensation

The Workmans Comp Service Center describes itself this way:

The National website providing workers compensation news and information for employees, employers, insurers, and medical providers. Use the research center, locate an insurance provider, get info on your state's program, and find professional help relating to workplace injuries and disabilities in the U.S."
While I do not practice workman's compensation law, I did follow sites like this when I was in-house counsel. I suggest every business owner reading this post to bookmark sites like this (and I suppose it will not hurt for those lawyers practicing workman's compensation law to keep an eye on it, too.

Lynch Ryan publishes Workers Comp Insider which is described as:
"Lynch Ryan's weblog about workers' compensation, risk management, business insurance, workplace health & safety, occupational medicine, injured workers, insurance webtools & technology and related topics"
I read this blog as employer oriented. Not even so much oriented towards business lawyers (although we can get some good ideas here) or workman's compensation lawyers but business people. Read Heat stress: rules, reports, and resources as an example:
The following are best practices for employers with outdoor workers:
  • Train employees and supervisors in heat illness prevention, as well as how to recognize the symptoms of heat-related illness and what to do if someone exhibits symptoms
  • On days when temperatures require preventive measures, increase the volume of water available to employees. California suggests one quart per hour. It is not enough to simply provide it - workers must be encouraged to drink the water.
  • Have shade available for outdoor workers and allow frequent breaks - at least 5 minutes of rest when an employee believes they need a preventative recovery period.
  • Have the ability to appropriately respond to any employee with symptoms of illness
  • Allow gradual acclimation for workers unaccustomed to working outside - it can take 4 to 14 days
  • Know where the nearest hospital is and directions to your work site in case emergency medical attention is needed